Mulla Mulla Camp 360 Tour

At the beginning of 2020, BHP approached Viewport looking for a tech solution to help establish a diverse and inclusive workforce at their South Flank project. They wanted to showcase their level of care support for FIFO workers at their Mulla Mulla camp, the largest mining camp in Australia. 360 tours provide an excellent solution for this dilemma.

To reach their progressive diversity and inclusion recruitment targets – 40% female and 15% Indigenous operational staff – it was important for BHP to highlight how well facilitated the state of the art Mulla Mulla camp was, compared to other camps around the country. The problem they had was that traditional spatial communications did not let their assets shine. 

Viewport’s Interactive Tech Solution

Viewport created a 360 tour, that allows users to explore the camp using 360 panoramas and a point and click interface.

We embedded videos into key locations to show off the essential facilities and amenities.

World Class Camp

The Mulla Mulla camp is new, clean, and has incredible facilities and amenities. Including a cooking school, rooftop wet mess, virtual golf simulation room, tennis court, cross-fit and more. These inclusions are of an elite standard and outdo any mining camp Australia wide. 

Unfortunately, this is difficult to show in a 2D video format or with flat images. Let alone conveying the expansive nature of the site. The 360 tour lets people navigate through as though they were there.

Tour Journey

Users begin floating above the camp, giving them a scope of its size (it’s enormous); they then jump down and navigate through the pathways, inspecting the amenities and outstanding facilities at a granular level.

The ability to explore and discover the entire camp sets potential employees at ease; who wouldn’t want to live in a smart community with all these perks?

Extraordinary Scale

What made this project outstanding was its scale. It features an immense amount of panoramas. The heavily customised user interface specifically for BHP, injecting many videos and points of interest.

This is extraordinary for 360 tours, they rarely reach this high level of complexity. It reflects BHP’s strong commitment to hitting their diversity and inclusion targets. In addition, Viewport designed the experience to be as immersive and informative as possible.

Tech Specs

Viewport developed a bespoke HTML interface that supported BHP branding, custom navigation assets, and video content that Viewport captured onsite. This framework enabled us to embed stitched 360-degree panoramic photographs taken on site. 

We took these photographs with an SLR fitted with an 8mm fisheye lens instead of an off-the-shelf monoscopic camera unit. The reason for this is visual fidelity, these tailor-made camera set-ups facilitate a much broader colour range, and reduced stitching issues, and better exposure and balance between light and dark levels. 

We jumped around with our 360 camera rig and professional-grade SLR cameras, alternating between a monopod and a tripod for visibility, recording as much content as we could in the rapid two-day shoot. 

Using Mistika VR’s award-winning Optical Flow Technology, each image was meticulously colour-graded, any artefacts edited out, including the tripod and the drone for aerial shots. This attention to detail ensured clean and powerful photos that showed the camp with its best foot forward – and that the 360 tour meaningfully engaged viewers—showing them the best of the luxurious FIFO conditions that BHP had created.

Kicking Goals

The tour helped meet BHP’s targets of 90 indigenous and 240 women staff members were gainfully employed in their skilled workforce and happily housed in the camp.

The project was a success, and very well received – BHP shared it widely on their socials. It remains hosted on all their platforms and is now the first port of call for recruits to their South Flank project. 

“This attention to detail is of utmost importance when creating engaging experiences.”

– Julius Jeppe, Managing Director, Viewport XR Group


Happy Clients

Epic work, team!

This animation has helped to illustrate what we’re working towards at BHP’s South Flank – it’s successfully supported our narrative and built excitement.

We’ve used it as a valuable tool in recruitment, global conferences, social media, & internally to tell our story.

It’s a quality product – thank you.

P. Wyatt, Principal Communications, BHP