VIRTUAL REALITY and CG visualisations aren’t anything new in the architectural sector, they are industry standard. Ask any of our VR and AR clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth.

Viewport has lead the way for immersive tech, such as virtual reality and CGI, to merge with the architecture industry in Australia. The medium possesses the ability to convey spaces and ideas better than any other. The possibilities are endless – from initial design mock-ups, to project collaboration, through to the finishing detail. Immersive and interactive tech in architecture builds emotional connections, exceeding the scope of any stock image presentation.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Allow your clients to immerse themselves in your design. As each of us perceive spaces differently, creating individual experiences with VR encourages deeper personal association with your project. Whether that be from the client, or council.

The immersive nature of the technology enables clients to understand space like no other platform. Accuracy is key when showcasing your design, and customisation is king for efficiency in both time and cost.

Take a step into the future, impressing clients and giving your brand the competitive edge that promotes repeat business and brand recognition.

A one time investment in virtual reality empowers architects to closes deals:

  • Give customers an authentic feel of the space
  • Create individual experiences
  • Elevate design presentations
  • Amplify your competitive edge

With tangible benefits, results follow.


Cost & Efficiency

More options can be explored without the associated costs.  Experimenting with time of day, lighting options, colors, textures and more – CGI puts the architect in the driver’s seat.

Content Versatility

CGI allows for incredible customisation that ordinary photography cannot live up too. If you want your image to be shot at different times of day, seasons, colours, mood etc. Not only are the aesthetics easily customisable, but so is the size, shape, and file type. Catering to the multiple image functions.

Improves Design Processes

Affords architects the foresight to include details that normally wouldn’t be considered until later in the project. The design process seamlessly integrates all the stages of creation, so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Impress Clients & Convert Sales

Investing in technology that impresses and wows your clients can only breed great results. This can build a forward thinking reputation that permeates across your industry, converting wavering clients into confident investors.

Outstanding Image Quality

Produce extremely accurate and flawless images. Showcase your designs – with the ability to convert to any format you need. Cultivating a feeling or emotion that draws business in – stepping up your presentation game in futuristic style.

Architectural Visualisations & CGI Renders


CGI is the art of utilising computer software to create strikingly precise and beautiful imagery that will have you convinced it’s the real thing.

The importance of presenting high quality images and directions of projects from all angles is crucial to gaining the buy-in of potential investors. This is well established in the industry.

Viewport has the experience required to guarantee architects the emotive, photorealistic, high quality renderings needed to win over clients and meet their every need.

Ranging from family owned wineries to skyscrapers made by multinational corporations these rendering techniques are in high demand across the board. They save money and time, simplifying the planning approval process. With cutting edge computer generated imagery, we can vividly illustrate your vision, with crystal clear quality.

With CGI stills and the benefits covered – let’s move on to 3D animations and video. A little more fresh in the industry, with much to be benefited.

One of the mutual benefits of these platforms is that it provides the user a better sense of space. Imagine guiding your client through your design, while they easily picture what each room and space feels like. 3d video animations and virtual tours demonstrate this like no other medium – and space awareness is undoubtedly a feature of value when selling a project.

Fly Throughs & WalkThroughs

Developing 3D fly throughs from the most appealing perspective, is one of the most effective ways of visualising and selling your project. Whether it’s birds eye view or close ups of architectural detail, interactive fly throughs inject dynamism to any project, presentation, or property.

Likewise, walkthroughs are a simulation of an experience as if you were inspecting the structure in real life. This comes in a video form so that together we control and guide the user to exactly what we want to highlight in your design. This could include music, captions, and voice overs to create an engaging presentation of a photorealistic presentation to wow and educate clients.

Virtual Reality Tours in the Architecture Field

A Virtual Reality tour differs from a fly/walk through because of one key element – we put the control in the users hands.

A virtual reality tour is designed to create individual experiences for those interested. Placing your client within your design. Not only do they allow for the user to choose their exploration, it is a customisable computer generated showcase that allows your design to be displayed virtually for clients to engage and interact with.

Once again this is where spatial awareness comes into play, allowing the client to maneuver around the area as they would if it was real life – taking closer look into interior details and discovering the possibilities of your project.


Viewport is well established in the field of architectural renderings, working with architectural firms to deliver high quality, photo real work. Check out our portfolio and reach out for more information.