Leading the property industry’s embrace of XR, Viewport has built a great deal of real time Virtual Reality Walkthroughs for clients all over Australia, and the world. Our revolutionary, artistic and technical approach allows our team to consistently deliver elite quality projects that sets Viewport apart from the rest.

Collaborating with some of the largest and best Australian Architects, developers and construction companies for whom we’ve produced Virtual Display Homes, Interactive Augmented Reality Apps, Sales Suite Touch Screens, and 3D Renderings and Flythroughs. Viewport’s approach focuses on tangible benefits for you, with all our projects designed, customised and deployed from the ground up for our clients.

2020 accelerated XR’s takeover of the property industry, with Viewport already leading the charge in Australia. With our head office in Perth, and clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and globally, we have experience working on commercial towers, large scale land developments, luxury homes, and government infrastructure.

As Millennials and Gen Z become a larger percentage of home buyers, the demand for virtual and mobile real estate services is increasing. These generations have come to expect virtual options for nearly everything, and home buying is no exception


What are the benefits of a VR Property Tour?

  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Global market reach
  • Increases site traffic
  • Accessible anytime & anywhere
  • Easily customisable
  • Stronger communication with buyers and sellers
  • Accelerate Sales

Listen to your buyers, and be the firm that gives them what they want. At a cost and time benefit to you- not to mention many more benefits.

Contact our sales team now to find out how Viewport can guide you on your company’s use of immersive and interactive technology.

Virtual Display Homes

What are VR Display homes?

Bring planned properties to life. Forward thinking buyers and developers buy off plans. Having a virtual experience of an as yet unconstructed property dramatically lowers the barrier for entry facing potential buyers.

It’s like buying a car, you want to see what it feels like. So you test drive it first. This is virtual reality’s main function in the property industry. Giving an authentic feel for a space, and instilling buyers with the confidence they need to sign on.

Viewport develops refined, freshly designed virtual display homes with immersive technology that can market your prospective properties today. Allowing buyers to delve into their dream home vision by virtually accessing it, designed with all of the functionality, plus the bells and whistles that turn a house into a home.

Virtual reality also grants virtual property tours to an increased number of potential buyers-without the increase in time and travel costs to the seller. The future of property showings are in this technology and will give your efficiency and reliability game a step up. Additionally, if 2020 has taught us anything, contactless solutions will only generate revenue in the long run.

Virtual reality [is] essential to winning mega listings and appealing to clients on a global scale. Remote buyers feel like they’re actually walking through the house and therefore, leads to an easier decision to make an offer on the property

Altman Brothers (Million Dollar Listing)

Property Staging in
Augmented Reality
& Virtual Reality

A major part of the visualisation process is in the details. Sure, a nice big space looks good, but how spacious is it with a couch or a dining suite? Closing a deal comes easier when your clients can see their lifestyle in the space.

Thematic Property Staging (different interior design styles for a property) helps clients bridge the mental gap of inputting their personal tastes into the virtual world. People are more likely to make a large investment, such as buying a property, when it aligns with their identity. Do you want a beach-inspired interior, a sleek Danish design, or a dynamic modernist style? The list of possible design themes is endless. However there are certain overarching stylistic movements that can cover most bases.

From there, clients can input their own design touches, to make a space their own. Mental investment is stimulated by engaging creative experiences.

The revolution has already happened. Immersive and interactive technologies have become industry standard within the property sector. Our optimised software delivers responsive and intuitive experiences with high fidelity. The hyperreal graphics enable integration to all phases of your sales pipeline, to make your life easier.

For those forward thinkers in the market:
make your choice between guided vs self guided tours.

Guided tours simulate the real estate agent’s personal touch in selling the property – directing the buyer to its most amiable features. If the lack of personal appeal is your reason for foregoing VR property tours, this may be the tech solution for you.

Unlike guided tours, self led VR property is led by the buyer. Placing the control in the buyer’s hands creating an unforgettable immersive experience.
This flexibility allows you to tailor your platform to your clients needs. The decision is ultimately yours, as each has distinctive benefits.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss the best fit for your business.

Guided vs Click Through Tours