Retail Touchscreens

Viewport works with some of Australia’s largest retailers, including Target, Bunnings and Coles, offering a wide range of immersive and interactive solutions. We capture your product down to minute detail, creating a digital twin. We design and develop immersive customer journeys. We then deploy the solution nationally or globally. In store retail touch screens are just ones of the ways Viewport can help propel your business into the future.

In 2021,
the interactive digital display industry
is forecast to grow to almost
AUD $18 billion.

Why invest in an interactive touchscreen display for your business?

Interactive Touch Screens improve customer experience and the customer journey, by giving customers a way to connect with your brand. And we all know impressive customer experience is critical to establishing a loyal customer base.

Expand on educating your potential customers by allowing them to create memorable experiences whilst interacting with your product. Interactive touch screens engage customers with a fun way to learn about what they may buy, who wouldn’t want to take part in that?

Touch screens guide customers through their purchase process, and create remarkable touch points on the customer journey map.

1. Fixtures, Touch Screens, And Kiosks

Save your customers time and give them more freedom with fixtures, Touch Screens, and kiosks, strategically located throughout your retail space.

Make Customers Comfortable

Self-serve kiosks means that customers don’t have to feel embarrassed if they are unsure how to pronounce a product. They just scan the product, pay, and voila! They’re done, too easy.

Simplify the consumer journey making direct methods to purchase. Fixtures, Touch Screens, and kiosks are efficient at time-saving customers flow.

2. Interactive Merchandise Electronics

Interactive merchandising electronics are customisable and bring a concrete touchpoint to your customer experience.

Allow to Customers Visualise a Product

An interactive merchandising display allows customers to play with the product, and create a sense of ownership. Let the buyer scroll through customisations, variations, or additional features. Help buyers envisage what different one product might look like in the context they intend.

Help your customer focus their attention, by interacting with a Touch Screen the user can give proper thought to their intention. Resulting in a happier end product.

3. Small Form Factor Screens

Small form factor screens can be placed anywhere in a retail environment, and ensure unique interactive experiences in each different department.
Whether you want to display seasonal products on endcaps (end caps) or on main display points for permanent viewing.

These immersive and space efficient displays can educate and engage your customers, small form factor screens offer a set of solutions to improve customer experience.

Here are a handful of ideas:

Endless Aisles
Allow customers to explore your product line. Incorporate demonstration videos to show customers how to use a product and how multiple products can work together

Make Dining Experiences Easier
Also known as SFF PCs, small form factor screens are well established in restaurants, where they create efficient dining experiences. When placed on restaurant tables, they enable customers to order with ease, or communicate with waitstaff.

They are great for customer retention as diners can even sign up to mailing lists or for rewards programs. Finally, customers can pay when they want using a POS (point of sale) system, no more waiting for the cheque.

Drive Sales
Interactive touch screen displays throughout your store can increase sales. Position them at strategic points in your customer flow. Discover the ideal CTA to display at different points throughout the day by optimising sales data.

Viewport Client Example:

Kaboodle Kitchen
Kaboodle is a DIY kitchen company that can turn your dream kitchen into a reality with their affordable, modular products.

Product visualisation is key to buyers. Trouble visualising, means trouble committing. To shorten the path to conversion, Viewport wanted to give the customer control of their vision.

We created a world class interactive product visualiser for Kaboodle’s flat pack kitchens. The first of its kind globally. Enabling buyers to interact with a touch screen and envisage their ideal space, with minute detail – in real time.

Users can also don VR headsets and be fully immersed in their new kitchen, while they customise it in ultra-high res. Retaining the ability to view it from any angle.
Our intuitive User Interface (UI), and seamless User Experience (UX) have led to the kiosk being rolled out in Bunnings stores Australia wide. Platform specific builds such as the AR app are available universally.


There is a world of possibilities with interactive retail touch screens that can propel your business forward into the future. Depending on the specific needs of your industry, there are a myriad of options available to accommodate you.

This is what sets your brand experience apart, and holds customers’ attention. High quality, distinctive, and relevant experiences for your customers. This is the essence of creating loyalty.

Come say hello, if you want to discover how to engage buyers with interactive product visualisation touch screens. As an Australian owned and operated company we have the expertise, experience and industry insight to help your business grow with immersive technology.