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Virtual Reality is a powerful tool
for education, business, and productivity.

Virtual reality was once thought of as unattainable and niche.

Things unseen by the naked eye, were considered unreal.

Times have has changed, we now understand that VR merges worlds, and enhances realities, it can change the way you look at the world.

The virtual world is becoming increasingly tangible. As Australia’s leading immersive technologies and virtual reality company, we are proud to help our world thrive through interactive tech.

Our Experience

Virtual Reality is all about experience. To some, that may seem rather opaque, for us it’s crystal clear.

Whether it be a custom built site orientation platform, a virtual tour of a mine site, or a fully integrated training program. VR will amplify your experience.

A virtual tour of a mine site can be more than a training module. It can function as part of a recruitment drive. We did this for BHP’s Perth office, with the objective of familiarising their state of the art facilities. They saw an increase in brand affinity from  the VR experience.

For Alcoa, another client here in Australia; we made digital twins of their substations and fused them with hand tracking technology. This facilitated the training of mining personnel in hazard identification and proper use of PPE, completing modules before they enter the site.

In addition to the mining industry, one of our top tier government projects for the Department of Parks and Wildlife was an educational app that opened up exploration. Enabling People from other parts of Australia, or other countries, could experience the immersive beauty.

In this context, virtual reality increased understanding of Western Australia’s natural wonders, and their cultural importance to First Nations People. By pairing GPS technology with VR and 360 degree photography, we were able to share the awe-inspiring beauty of WA with the world.

We can be sure the future promises greatness in VR. Let alone what the broader spectrum of Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are bringing to the table.

“Virtual Reality is really
a new communication platform.

By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Real Engagement, Virtually

Storytelling with immersive technologies, like VR and AR can bring a world to life for a student or an employee – anyone. It ensures your audience are fully involved in the journey you have set out.

Viewport created a VR app for Rio Tinto, that links miners and their families – a demographic that was used to dealing with distance. It enabled kids to safely interact with where their parents worked. The response from users was overwhelming, VR facilitated an authentic connection for FIFO families.

Now that the technological hurdles have been cleared, global adoption of virtual reality depends not only on its availability, but the ease of use. Virtual reality that is easy to use, is also easy to share.


of companies implementing AR/VR indicate
that benefits exceed expectations.


The upheaval of 2020 has caused unexpected creativity, with the increased adoption of real-time 3D and other immersive technologies. These have met the need to stay resilient and provide remote support.

High Quality Virtual Reality in Australia

Paramount to any virtual reality company in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth is quality. It has to be high. The fidelity of the virtual world you are in correlates to the amount your brain will relax into the space. Naturally, at Viewport, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality virtual experiences, while delivering on time and within budget.

This is why our return business ratio is so high, client satisfaction matters to us. We work on the strong foundations of enhancing everything, and keeping prices clear.

Virtual Reality Showrooms

A Virtual reality showroom can be either B2B or B2C, or both. They function to virtual experiences unique to your sales context. Virtual reality showrooms are brilliant for brand development.
Viewport can create the ideal setting for your catalogue of products to shine.

How Do Brands Benefit from VR Showrooms?

The main benefit brands draw from virtual reality showrooms is control over all aspects of the customer journey map. Your brand is always available. Your product range displayed in engaging ways, entirely unique to your company.

They evolve the shopping experience into entertainment. Foster interaction between potential buyers your range, while keeping maintenance costs. Giving as much visibility as you like to your brand ethos or manufacturing, and engage customers via shopping assistance.
Forbes outlined all of this in their article about the auto industry, but it’s applicable across all retail.

Globally Available

Attract clientele from all over the world. Any time at no cost. Virtual reality showrooms are of vital importance in the retail industry. It means that you are always available to your customers, and can remain at front of mind. You can immerse customers using only a mobile device

Curate Specifics

Design and customise unique sales points. The ability to update, alter, add or subtract with ease is unique to virtual spaces. Updating your product range can be done in a simple and modular way.
Adapting to customers’ needs means always make an update, add a new feature, erase an old one or change the content.

Customise Interactive Environments

You can personalise the customer experience, with alternating virtual signage and curation of your flagship product. This also allows you to accumulate and leverage data, to optimise the sales process.

[Virtual reality] doesn’t replace television
or cinema. Nothing goes away.
People said radio was the end to literature
and TV was the end of radio.
But we still read books and listen to the radio and watch TV.

Chris Milk, Founder of VRSE

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To guide guests through their virtual visit, your customer journey needs a salesperson. Except, it doesn’t have to be a human. Your product could literally sell itself. It can be anything, just not Clippy, that annoying MS Office Assistant paperclip.