Augmented Reality Custom App Development

The near-life-dependent attachment we have to our mobile devices continues to grow. It follows that this dependency should be used for good, to our benefit. Not only for financial gain, but employee engagement and satisfaction as well. The investment in a custom application for your business is a strong foundation for the future.

Invision an app that tracks productivity and communicates effectively to teams within your organisation. Designed specifically to drive the results you are working towards, as well as creating a platform for mobility and communication that your employees will thank you for.

The majority of off-the-shelf purchased apps are static to the development of a business’ general needs.

Your tech must be able to scale, to grow with your business.

The investment in a custom application is for the long run. We developed apps solely to your needs. Because, the product will come from us, it will have privacy and security built into it. All delivered safely. No worries about glitches or data compromises, as the data is just for you.

Similarly, a customer facing app delivers endless benefits that drive customer loyalty, and engagement, which drive real results by turning leads into sales.

67% of online shoppers, who use their mobile devices to make purchases, prefer apps offered by their favorite companies and brands.


Internal Mobile Application for Business

As previously mentioned, mobile apps are not the future, they are the now. Retaining and engaging current employees, as well as attracting new talent is one of the most important functions of running a profitable business.

Viewport was given the opportunity by Rio Tinto to create a VR app to provide miners and their families some much needed connection during lockdown in 2020.

As part of their meticulous effort to uphold safety standards, Rio Tinto’s annual Family Day was another luxury that had to be foregone.

This became an uplifting experience that kept everybody safe.

We seasoned our high end tech with some lo-fi touches. The user interface (UI) was simple and intuitive – always a top priority at Viewport. In this instance it served to create a personable feel to engage people of all ages.

We made a digital twin of the mine site and recreated it as a cardboard diorama. Then we put this cardboard copy (carbon is so outdated) into a VR app.

Instead of bringing families to the mine, we put the mine into family pockets. Now they can take their loved ones everywhere. Check out the video below.

How does a company benefit from
an internal custom mobile app?

Employee Engagement

Take our Rio Tinto family day for example. Rio Tinto identified a gap in employee engagement due to external factors and sought out to improve it. As Rio has worked with Viewport before on various projects, they knew we could deliver a world class app that brings employees and their families together in a way that would only uplift employees. This type of effort to ensure employee contentment goes a long way in retaining and attracting talent.

74 percent of the customers saw an increase in productivity thanks to the implementation of their custom app, and 81 percent reported a reduction in inefficient tasks. And what’s more, 60 percent of customers saw a return on investment from their applications.


Internal Efficiency and Progress tracking

Imagine an internal mobile app that is built for your business and is used by your employees to communicate, collaborate, check progress and identify gaps in workflow. A modern way of organising a team and as previously mentioned, engaging them in a way that enhances productivity and efficiency.

Mobile apps provide mobility.

Accessible from everywhere, catering to the times of remote working and needing to find efficient and fun ways to collaborate within the workplace – from afar.

Customer Facing Mobile Apps

Now let’s shift focus, to apps that are customer facing. As mobile applications are well beyond their infancy, there are telling statistics in favour of the platform. We’ll let you be the judge after reading this snippet from Forbes.

“Mobile applications increase sales and project revenue in the e-Commerce and m-Commerce segments:

  • Customers spend 3 to 4 times longer in mobile apps than desktops;
  • Customers spend twice as much money on mobile apps than on mobile sites;
    the conversion rate for applications higher than for mobile sites;
  • The average order value on mobile apps is 140% higher than on mobile sites and 130% higher than on desktops;
  • The shopping cart abandonment rate in applications is only 20%, while in mobile versions of the site – 97%, and in desktop versions – 68%.”That may well be enough to convince you, though we have further fuel to add to the mobile app fire.

Build Customer Loyalty and Engagement

An easily accessible app that allows for product stock, comparison, reviews, and promotions all right at the buyers fingertips – simply equates to increased funds in your account. 

The key here is speed. No one has time for a clunky app that takes minutes to load (and this will affect your app rating!) Viewport delivers safe and fast applications with the latest technology that your customers will love. 

Mobile apps provide and increase product interaction, creating an emotional connection and understanding with the product, an invaluable experience for one with the purchasing power. 

These applications provide you with this benefit [stay ahead of the market] as well and give you the competitive advantages by 25% more.


Data is king when it comes to understanding your customer and target market. When making crucial decisions for your business, allienting a customer base is one of the most common mistakes businesses make. Receive new customer data and analytics and analyze the best options to maximise your bottom line.

A mobile app is a great way to gather data from your customers on product reviews to app reviews on the app store. Not only does the information help you, it helps attract potential customers, expanding your brand awareness and creating a following that maps out how you can best serve your clients.