360° video has become truly interactive through the addition of advanced software engineering and hardware.

Viewers love 360° content, which is shown by the higher retention and engagement rates. Viewport makes world class interactive 360° content out of our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

Our solutions have combined tech such as VR and mobile device enabled AR apps, Viewport can create an interactive 360° video package for your business.

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We’re entering this new golden age of video

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What is 360° video?

In case you’re new to the topic, and want to find out what is a 360° video, we’ll outline that here:
360° video or 360° degree videos require an omnidirectional camera or collection of immersive, spherical 360° view video recordings.
All directional views are recorded simultaneously. 360° video provides an in-depth experience plunging the viewer in, as though they were there.

What makes 360° video different from VR?

The manner in which you view 360 video is generally what sets it apart from VR. The terms are often used incorrectly, 360 video viewed on a screen like on Facebook or Youtube. Though when viewed through a headset, like an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, is considered VR.

The Best 360° video portfolio in Australia

Viewport develops a few different ways to utilise 360° imagery in your business. See below for some of our best work for our best clients and how 360° videos benefited them.

360° Photography: Dept of Parks &Wildlife

WA Department of Parks and Wildlife partnered with Viewport to create an app that puts the best of WA’s natural wonders in your hands.

Our team journeyed far and wide to create stunning 360° imagery showcasing the range of beauty the Big State encapsulates from the Peel to Southwest regions.

These images are now in the Department of parks and wildlife app allowing for interactive tours of Western Australia’s parks – to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

360° CGI: Mitre 10

Has your product not quite come to life yet? Not a problem.

Viewport specializes in 360° CGI for retail stores, property developments, product marketing and more.

Mitre 10 approached Viewport to create a CGI 360° video to help visualise the store layout and planograms within.

As store layouts prompt the customer flow throughout their shopping experience, it is paramount to get it right.

With the guidance of the Mitre 10 team, Viewport developed a store layout plan down to the finest detail. Enabling a view from the customer’s perspective, Mitre10 was able to strategically plan their space, merchandise product, visualise sign presentation, in which all will enhance their customer experience.