Audiences love 360° video content, take the retention and engagement rates that drastically outperform traditional video as proof. Viewport makes world-class interactive 360° content out of our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

360° video can become truly interactive through advanced software engineering and hardware. When paired with technology such as VR and mobile AR apps, you can achieve anything. 

Our cross-industry experience means that Viewport can efficiently create interactive 360° video packages relevant to your business.

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What is 360° video?

If you’re new to the topic and want to find out what a 360° video is, we’ve got you covered.

360° video (or 360-degree) videos require an omnidirectional camera or collection of immersive, spherical 360° view video recordings.

All directional views are recorded simultaneously. Thus, 360° video provides an in-depth experience that plunges the viewer in, as though they were in the video themself.

Interactive 360 Video

There are many benefits to interactive 360° video, namely teleportation and points of interest (POI). POI’s allow the user to have signposted destinations within their experience. As one would assume, teleportation is the ability to move from one point to another point in a virtual environment.

What makes 360° video different from VR?

How you view 360° video is what sets it apart from VR. The terms are often misused; 360 ° video is content viewed on a screen like on Facebook or Youtube. When viewed through a headset, like an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, it may be termed VR. However the more accurate term would be Mixed Reality.

360° Photography: Dept of Parks &Wildlife

Western Australia’s Department of Parks and Wildlife partnered with Viewport to create an app that puts the best of WA’s natural wonders at your fingertips.   

Our team journeyed far and wide to create stunning 360° imagery showcasing the range of beauty the Big State houses, from the Peel to Southwest regions. 

These images are now in the Department of Parks and Wildlife app allowing for interactive tours of Western Australia’s wonders – accessible anywhere, anytime.

360° CGI: Mitre 10

If your store or business idea is still in the concept phase, 360° CGI enables informed planning to begin, without the need for space or the cost of building in real life.  

Mitre 10 approached Viewport to create a CGI 360° video to help visualise the store layout and planograms within.

Store layouts guide the flow of a customer’s shopping experience. Therefore, they are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, it is expensive and laborious to get right, and it rarely happens on the first try. One of the reasons experimentation in 360° CGI is so valuable is that you can try anything at a fraction of the cost. 

With the guidance of the Mitre 10 team, Viewport developed a store layout plan down to the finest detail. We developed views from the customer’s perspective, which enabled Mitre10 to plan their space strategically, merchandise the products, visualise sign presentation in situ to create the ideal customer experience.

The Best 360° video portfolio in Australia

360° imagery has a plethora of different uses, that cover all industries. See below for some of our favourite work done for our valued clients. Find out how 360° videos can benefit your business.

Viewport’s 360° CGI portfolio spans retail, property developments, product marketing, engineering, and much more. So take the first step to bring your vision to life and say hi via our contact form.