HoloLens Development

“You and I can do what we’re put on Earth to do: interact with other humans, environments or objects. With technology helping us do that more, better, faster, and cheaper.”

Alex Kipman, HoloLens Chief Inventor

XR is a growing tech, which means that the environment is constantly expanding. The time is ripe to jump into XR solutions. 

Make sure you choose a developer that has proven success in the field.

Benefits of Developing Applications for the HoloLens

  • Live 3D Modeling
  • Improve collaborations between teams
  • Enable rapid visualisation, modification, and prototyping of 3D models
  • Expand sophisticated design interfaces
  • Enhance design instructional courses and training
  • Improve CAD design and instructional environments
mixed reality

High Quality Applications for HoloLens in Australia

Of utmost importance to us as a HoloLens developer is quality. For HoloLens development jobs Australia wide; Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth. Take confidence that Viewport supply only the highest quality.

The fidelity of the mixed reality you are in (think; amount of lag) correlates to the amount your brain will relax into the space. Naturally, at Viewport, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest fidelity (and lowest latency) experience. Delivered on time and on budget.

This is why our return business ratio is so high, client satisfaction matters to us. We work on the strong foundations of enhancing everything, and keeping prices clear.

Check out our recent projects in developing applications for the HoloLens

Renovate or Rebuild

Renovate or Rebuild is a home improvement series that explores a common conflict through an eco-focussed lens.

Renovate or Rebuild contracted Viewport to bring their architectural visions to life using applications for the HoloLens .

Compelling contestants to choose from respective design options with the ability to immerse themselves in this mixed reality.

Viewport operates at the forefront of architectural renderings, working with architects world over, delivering immaculate, hyperreal CGI, VR, and mixed reality.

Austin XR

A world first holographic product configurator built for the Microsoft HoloLens 2.0.

Created for Austin Engineering, & launched at MINExpo 2021 Las Vegas, Austin XR enables you to lift & inspect 16 tonne trays with only two fingers. 

Austin Engineering is a globally leading designer and manufacturer of premium mining equipment. Customer confidence is vital to their business and their major corporate client base.

There is comfort in knowing you’ll get the exact product you want. We gratified this need with Austin XR. Creating a multisensory experience that puts gigantic products in clients hands. 

Coming to life as a customisation workshop that used VR, AR and touch screens. We accelerated the client’s vision empowering them to visualise custom products with accuracy. 

Engaging touchpoints in the customer journey are key to affinity and trust, Austin XR gave clients security, while streamlining the sales and production process.

The first trade exhibition of the product saw numerous sales attributed to the tech, transcending ROI instantly.

The HoloLens tool takes Austin’s sales & marketing team a step into the future. Austin XR for HoloLens reimagines showroom environments, plus it’s a major hit at expos.