The tool to spring retail into the future is here.

Time to get on board.

Virtual Reality Showrooms

Using 360° videos, computer generated imagery,
and virtual/augmented reality, we create virtual showrooms
that can sell anytime, anywhere.

As shopping patterns change in a viral world,
consumers not only want, but need contactless shopping
and seamless purchase experiences.

Additionally, a virtual reality showroom encourages
a memorable customer shopping experience
that generates sales, repeat business, and
strengthens brand recognition.

Brands that have been early adopters of VR technology have seen significant lift in sales for several years. Conversion rates are increasing anywhere from 10% to as much as 200%. Product returns are dropping by 25%. Time to make buying decisions has been cut in half. VR is making impacts with real ROI that can’t be ignored...

XCube Labs

What is a Virtual Reality Showroom?

A virtual reality showroom is a designed and customisable computer generated showcase that allows your products to be displayed virtually for buyers to engage and interact with.

What are the benefits of a VR Showroom?

  • Limitless in market reach
  • Rids of cost and complexity
  • Eliminates logistical challenges
  • Eliminates transport overheads
  • Immune to travel restrictions
  • Facilitates contactless shopping
  • Infinite viewing times, no need to set meetings
  • Display items that are still in production

This is not a futuristic concept, this is right now.

The investment in a VR Showroom has limitless potential for your brand and product range.