Rio Tinto VR


If you are a Rio Tinto employee and are looking for access to the app please contact our dev team via email:

Viewport recently developed an application with Rio Tinto to assist in the recruitment process for various positions available within their organisation. The app was developed over a period of three months and was released to a highly satisfied client and is now being used all around the world by Rio Tinto.

The Application features a unique 3D menu system where the user is placed in the middle of a vibrant, scaled down mine site. The user looks around in virtual reality using their gaze to trigger the desired video file through numerous icons placed within the environment. Viewport custom built a variety of vehicles likely to be found on a typical mine site including dump trucks, an ore hauling train and support vehicles.

Viewport shot the videos on location at Rio Tinto sites located at Paraburdoo, Karratha and the Rio Tinto Operations Centre in Perth using a Kandao Obsidian R 360 camera. Filming at Rio Tinto locations such as Paraburdoo and Karratha has its challenges, 12 hour long shoots, red dust constantly threatening to coat and clog the equipment and blistering heat.

The Kandao shoots in 360, 8K stereoscopic to give every VR experience that extra level of sharpness while also futureproofing the footage for the inevitable launch of higher resolution displays.

The app is a private release using Oculus Keys and Oculus Store for distribution. Optimised for mobile headsets like Gear VR and Oculus Go.

Oculus Go, released during the development of the Rio Tinto VR application, is an affordable high quality VR device removing the need for a smartphone to view content, and rivalling the quality achieved by desktop Oculus products.