Perth Virtual Reality


The Perth Virtual Reality scene is really taking off here in Western Australia, with yet another local TV news article covering some of the developments in our home town.

The article, played on channel 9 news in September 2015, covers the usage of VR in entertainment and gaming, and also briefly mentions Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. Strangely, it leaves out mentioning the Oculus directly, and there is also little mention of using Virtual Reality for commercial applications – which is Viewports primary focus. We’re hoping to be in the next round of VR hype locally, with a local project underway for one of Pindan’s property developments, The Reef, in Two Rocks around 40 minutes north of Perth.

UPDATE: The Pindan VR project was completed in November 2015. It’s available for download through Oculus Share, and the Oculus Store for Gear VR. A video of it can be found in our portfolio.

The CH 9 news article states there are predictions that Virtual Reality could have the same impact as the internet or smart phones, which Viewport believes is a pretty sound prediction considering the 10-20 million VR headsets that are expected to be manufactured in 2016.

Local content and platform creators Panbot and Offpeak games are featured in the article, as well the UWA Virtual Reality Project.

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