Nathie Architecture Virtual Reality Review


We sent Nathie a sneak peek of the BSB Design Charette VR Tour project, v0.5b. In his usual swedish way, he walks through our latest project, showing all the funcitionality and detail that Viewport built in.

The project is an architectural VR walkthrough which is being custom built for America’s largest residential architect, BSB Design. Once phase one is complete, which will be v1.0, the build will include multiple houses and environments to interact with and explore in Virtual Reality. Phase two will be ongoing, and Viewport will be adding additional floorplans supplied by BSB Design over the course of the year.

Using an Oculus headset, homebuilders with BSB Design can explore virtual floorplans in realtime, freely exploring every room of the house in Virtual Reality. We’ve included interactive hotspots, where users can alter the time of day, change the paint colour, change the flooring material, change the cabinetry, or change the carpet colour.

There are currently only a hanful of projects like this for Virtual Reality worldwide, and Viewport is proud to be an early adopter of applying this technology to the Architecture and Design industry. Our first realtime architectural walkthrough was created in 2014, and is still available on the Oculus Share page.