MINING – The future of operations is here


From training simulations through to hydraulically powered roller coaster rides. Viewport has worked with the biggest names in the mining industry.

We create a broad range of Extended Reality (XR) animations, simulations and experiences. All our disruptive solutions have tangible benefits for clients - even in the metaverse:


Minimise your overheads and liabilities, while you maximise outputs, safely. Integrating Extended Reality empowers employees on site, and in office. When you create an integrated workforce you reduce skill blockages that cause delays and oversight.


Get a clear view of operational performance. Track industrial events as they happen, through Augmented Reality headsets. Guide your tactical improvements in mining processes with the data that our software compiles.


Increase productivity with ease. The confidence and safety virtual reality brings to mining pays solid dividends. Using digital twins of live operations, you can be sure that your workforce is up to speed. Our XR solutions for mining, include augmented reality, virtual reality, and CGI.


The metaverse and extended reality XR connect people in ways once unimaginable. It provides direct links and real-time connections for families, friends, and colleagues worldwide. With various global restrictions, these solutions have been a saviour for the workplace and social interactions. The metaverse works as a layer on top of the existing world; it can bring an approachable air to mining – so that everyone in the community can understand operations.

With platforms built for BHP, Rio Tinto, and Woodside – all created from on site stereoscopic 360 video captures – Viewport has the expertise and understanding of the mining industry to quickly and efficiently build cost saving VR site inductions that will redefine the way your company onboards your teams.

For Woodside, we developed a “Hazard Identification” platform. Built using stereoscopic 360 video capture, we captured it all onsite at KPMG Karratha.

It allows staff from all over the world to train in a real world plant environment, avoiding the danger (and expense) of extra personnel in a live plant.

The simulation allowed recreation of dangerous scenarios such as containment leaks, high temperatures and trip hazards, which cannot safely be trained on in the real world.

We built a virtual remote training simulation for Alcoa, creating digital twins of substations, all relevant tools, equipment and PPE. We then integrated these art assets with our software development pipeline, and replicated the work process in VR. Our team used precise hand tracking technology on the Oculus Quest 2, and built multiple options and scenarios for personnel to train on. This allowed the training of Alcoa personnel in extremely hazardous scenarios before they stepped foot on site.

According to a 2018 study by the University of Maryland, XR (extended reality) training is more effective in recall accuracy than traditional desktop CBT (computer-based training). With a median recall accuracy percentage of 90.48 percent for immersive HMDs – head-mounted (extended reality) displays – compared to desktop display’s 78.57 percent, the long-awaited study has further validated the efficacy of virtual reality training as a learning tool over traditional e-learning methods.

With our headquarters based in Perth, Australia – the resources capital of the world (and top dog for mining investment.) Viewport has become an industry leader in XR technologies for clients such as Rio Tinto, BHP and Alcoa. Contact us now to find out how Viewport can help your company on their journey of adopting the next generation of technology.