Australian Gear VR Developers


Viewport is excited to announce our first commercial project to be approved for distribution on the Oculus Gear VR store. There are currently only 210 apps approved worldwide by Oculus.

After only one week on the store we are sitting at over 10,000 downloads. It’s the first app in the world associated with property / land sales to be released on the Oculus Gear VR store, and we are one of only two companies in Australia who have had an app approved for distribution on the Oculus Gear VR store.

The app is currently featured on the front page of the store, under ‘New and Noteworthy’, and is called ‘The Reef Two Rocks Australia’. The app is built from stereoscopic spherical panoramas taken in Two Rocks, a beautiful coastal town located 40km North of our capital city, Perth. The 3D photos are combined with on site sound recording, 3D animated objects, and a customised map driven navigation system.

Pop out your Gear VR headset, download our app, and transport yourself to the sunny shores of Western Australia!

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