Augmented Reality Visualisations


Growing at an exponential rate are different digital methods of showcasing 3d models. Whether that be for internal review, client approval or if you want to showcase your project, Augmented Reality presents a different perspective.

We’ve been hard at work for the last few months working to output a pre-rendered 3d fly through, Virtual Reality AND Augmented reality for the same project. It’s been challenging to exercise our skills making this product available for multiple different delivery formats. We’re particularly excited to also integrate our models in Augment Reality, testing aspects of the AR and realizing that to model is as big as our entire office, looking inside the building like a giant peering in through a window.
AR is next level from a sketch on a page. It uses a marker and your Apple, Android or Windows device to identify the marker and project the 3d model on the table the maker is on. The device will track where your device is held enabling you to move around the visualisation for in-depth viewing from any angle you choose to view it.

Below is a snippet of the digital world we are building.