Major Railway Infrastructure CGI Visualisations

“The key to connection.”

Viewport was awarded a contract to produce 2 phases of high end, photo real visualisation work for the State Government Metronet rail expansion project by the NEWest Alliance.

Our work included production of sets of imagery and animation for both 85% milestone and 100% milestone designs.

With 8 stations in total, the work includes 16 separate high end, photo real 3D animations with animated people, cars, and trains.

Each station also includes 8 high realism and high resolution images.

The animations and images are used for public consultation and community engagement by the state government.

Visualisations take an idea one step closer to reality.

Picture perfect CGI visualisations encourage buy in from key partners and public.

That’s because we form connections with more ease to the things that we can see, as opposed to that which we cannot.

Visualisations give a tangible quality to any project.