An interactive, high fidelity, touch screen product configurator for kitchens. Built in a realtime 3D engine for Kaboodle Kitchens, the software allows customers to layout any combination of Kaboodle product in a photo realistic, real time rendered simulation. No more guesswork of which goes with which. No more holding tiny colour samples up to the light. See it all in full scale, in custom designed classic and on trend kitchen spaces to showcase the entire Kaboodle product range. 

With familiar and intuitive controls like swipe, pinch zoom and tap – the custom built software is a game changer for Kaboodle Kitchens. The simulation has four high detailed custom built realtime 3D spaces, with realistic lighting engines, and digital twins of Kaboodle product that are so close to the real thing you’d think you were at home in your kitchen sipping coffee and eating Vegemite on toast.

The first installation is up in Perth, in Australia’s largest hardware chain. Watch the video to see the installation process, and stay tuned to Viewport to find out more about this exciting global shift to simulated showrooms for retail.