Virtual Reality Showroom Australia
In late 2016 OzGrind approached Viewport Studios to develop them an interactive Virtual Reality application to showcase their range of polished concretes and their variety of concrete colours from Boral and Hanson. The concept was to develop a realistic home with a large floor surface, allowing them to show customers what each and every finish and material would look like in a real world setting. All of this would be developed in high realism, by the best Virtual Reality business in Australia.
As opposed to a brick and mortar showroom, a virtual reality showroom can be expanded infinitely, with no limitation on the amount of product samples that can be displayed. As new products are released they can easily be added to the application without the need to reallocate physical space. Products can also be displayed in a variety of real world situations, which can be difficult or impossible to replicate in a physical showroom.
Viewport digitally recreated every material meticulously in 8K resolution, allowing users to get as close as possible to the floor without any degradation in visual quality. This high fidelity of surface materials is of great importance to achieve the best Virtual Reality experiences. Viewport also designed a high end contemporary apartment exactly to the clients specifications, which was then developed into a detailed 3D model complete with furniture and fittings. A complex menu system was also created to work with the HTC Vive hand controllers, with an Virtual Reality interface designed to be intuitive enough to require absolutely no training for each user.
The VR project for OzGrind will continue in 2017 with additional materials to be added, plus a completely new menu system and software structure which will allow any combination of finishes, colours and exposure to be displayed. OzGrind's Virtual Reality showroom can be downloaded from Steam, or viewed live at OzGrind's office located at 1/ 11 Didswith Street, East Brisbane, Queensland. The project is also available for viewing at Viewport's office located in Perth.
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