Viewport is working with BSB Design


The largest residential architect in the United States, BSB Design works with 16 of the top 25 US homebuilders, 8 of the largest land developers, 8 of the largest investment trusts, plus thousands of other high level contacts throughout the architecture industry worldwide.

Viewport is developing a platform for BSB to use in it’s residential charettes, which are design review rounds for their clients. The platform is being built to run with Rift, advanced Virtual Reality technology developed by Oculus.

The interactive experience will immerse users in highly realistic architectural environments designed by BSB, with the ability to freely explore the floorplan in realtime, as well as change materials on-the-fly throughout the design, such as paint colours, flooring and cabinetry finishes.

The project is currently on the floor at Viewport Studios and the first phase is expected to be completed March 2015.

Visit BSB Designs website to check out the range of projects they are involved with.