Real Estate Tour for Google Cardboard on Android


Explore a brilliantly designed apartment from wherever you are in VR, using Google Cardboard or compatible headset and an Android phone.

Off-the-plan sales for apartments will never be the same with VR, and with the accessibility and affordability of Google Cardboard, there is no reason not to include this incredible marketing tool in your media package for your sales.  We’re introducing the concept to a large number of property developers around Perth and the rest of Australia, with an all round consensus of absolute amazement.

At no other time has technology been available that can so vividly put prospective buyers right inside their dream home, with immersion so effective we see new clients reaching out to touch their virtual surroundings in our virtual reality tours all the time.

Our virtual reality tours are always stereoscopic, so like 3D glasses, you see depth and distance and can really get the feel for a place. We can create Virtual Reality tours in two ways; 3D Photography (Buildings already completed), or CGI (Buildings yet to be completed). We add ambient sound and custom menu systems to the VR apps to further enhance immersion and improve the customer experience.

We do the custom VR app development side-by-side with Gear VR and / or the Oculus Rift, so you can push the best quality out of the amazing work we create. The GearVR and Oculus Rift are dedicated VR headsets, with far greater quality and user experience than the Google Cardboards.

If you’re in Australia and want a free google cardboard VR headset to check out our work, get in touch and we can have one packaged up and sent out to your company address.