Pindan The Reef Two Rocks


Viewport has just completed a stereo 360 pano tour for Pindan, made using one of our custom twin lens rigs to capture real world locations in 3D and in 360 degrees.

The VR tour is to be on display at the sales office of The Reef, which is located in Two Rocks, which is located 61km North of Perth. A beautiful location, complete with amazing beaches, a busy marina and tranquil coastal parkland.

Viewport’s task was to get on location and capture nine locations with 3D photography. Once all the locations were captured, they require extensive post production to generate them into dual panoramas, with each location having two panoramas, with a single panorama for each eye. The final result is to be able to see depth, which has the effect of actually being there when viewing through a Virtual Reality headset. We then created a custom menu and navigation system, added ambient sound, and then added 3D animation in the form of seagulls, waving flags and even children flying a kite to activate the static panoramas.

The VR tour can be experienced by visiting the sales office in Two Rocks, or by contacting us on 08 6219 8110 to ogranise a demonstration.

Check back again in a couple of days and this blog post will be updated with a link to a video of the project.

UPDATE: Video of the Pindan Capital Virtual Project

UPDATE: The project can also be downloaded from Oculus Share if you have an Oculus Rift. It will soon be available on the GearVR Oculus Store.

UPDATE: This project is now available for download on the Gear VR store worldwide! Search for ‘The Reef Two Rocks Australia’. Enjoy!