Oculus Rift DK2


We have received the latest prototype from Oculus, the Development Kit II. The new and improved Virtual Reality headset now has 960×1080 pixels per eye and tracks your head movements from an additional sensor that mounts on top of your monitor. The new Rift prototype is proving to be a show stopper during demonstrations.

If you are interested in a demonstration and are based in Perth, Western Australia, please contact us, and we’ll get to your offices to give you the run down so you can see just how VR technology can serve your needs.

If you’re based in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific or elsewhere in the world, we will have demos available online soon on Oculus Share for you to download and take for a Virtual Reality test run with your own headset. Our first demo will be based on architecture and interior design, and we have started preparing a second demo which will target multiple industries.

UPDATE: Our multiple industry virtual reality product is now available through Oculus Share and is free to download. It currently has five industry categories, real estate, mining, architecture, entertainment and education. Follow the link below to access.