Medical Virtual Reality


Go inside a human vein with Viewport’s intravascular medical virtual reality simulation. Put your Google Cardboard headset on, and instantly miniaturise yourself down to the size of a blood cell. A small portion of a pharmaceutical VR project designed for Oculus Rift, this version is optmised to run smoothly on iOS or Android using a Google Cardboard or compatible headset.

Virtual Reality is an amazing tool for education and training in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Visualising concepts in realtime and in 3D stereoscopic vision allows for a greater understanding of scale, movement, positioning and function.

This Virtual Reality tour available on Goole Play is a small portion of a larger project recently completed for an internationally known pharmaceutical company. The project was built for Oculus Rift and was used at various product launches. The brief was to show the journey of the medication; from ingestion, to drug metabolism, through toi kidney function and exiting the body.

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