Google Play Release

Viewport has recompiled a portion of our Oculus Point-to-Point Experience to work with Android and Google Cardboard. Titled 'Viewport Entertainment VR', the app lets you travel to  six different immersive virtual reality environments, all optimised to run smoothly on Android using a Google Cardboard or compatible headset.

We are also compiling the same build to work with iOS, which should be released in the coming weeks by Viewport. Both builds are being released as free google cardboard VR apps.

We are planning to build Virtual Reality apps like this for a number of upcoming projects. We'll be using one of our twin lens rigs to capture some amazing people and places in 360 stereoscopic vision, as well as building some CGI environments to be viewed in stereoscopic using google cardboard.

If you want to be notified about our upcoming apps, which we plan on releasing for free on both iOS and Android, shoot us an email and we'll let you know about updates and new releases. 

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