A real life search engine for your home storage.

Pitched, designed and deployed. From concept through to a world wide app, Viewport XR built ‘Organise by Inabox’ for Inabox Solutions – a leading brand in premium storage containers and stocked in Bunnings Australia wide and around the globe. The app is now available on App Store and Play Store


We pitched the concept of using QR codes to allow their customers to catalogue their box contents, with searching and scanning right at their fingertips.

Utilising rapid QR scanning, the app is a game changer for personal and commercial storage. Stickers purchased from Inabox (available now at any Bunnings store in Australia) are placed on your boxes, which can then have their QR codes scanned using the app, allowing the user to add keywords, pictures, location information and more. 

This lets you do two primary functions.

Scan. And search.  

Scan an entire shelf load of boxes in seconds, just by moving your phone over the QR codes on the boxes – and see every detail of what’s inside without opening the lid. Alternately use the app for searching. Sitting on your couch, wondering where you stored your 1976 yearbooks. Type in yearbook. 1976. Or just book. It will tell you the Box ID and the location you stored it in. 

Disruptive Technology Concepts for Growth

Inabox approached Viewport XR for disruptive technology concepts to help solidify their growth trajectory. Through a series of discovery sessions we unravelled our client’s pain points, and pitched the concept of using QR codes to allow their customers to catalogue their box contents, with searching and scanning right at their fingertips. We established four goals in our pitch.

  1. Improve the customer experience.
  2. Increase brand awareness.
  3. Enhance product functionality.
  4. Create point of difference. 

Like all our apps and software, whether VR, AR, XR or something more traditional, ‘Organise by Inabox’ followed our custom pipeline – looking at software from a user-first perspective. Evolved from hundreds of successfully delivered projects, our internal development pipeline starts at the basics. What does a user need? What do they want? What are they going to do?

Planned with Client Involvement

Starting with deep client involved planning sessions, we developed a user experience (UX) that was short, fast, intuitive and painless. This was laid out as a flowchart. We then wrapped that up in high level user interface (UI) design – on brand, on trend, and on par some of the slickest apps on the market.

From there, we built a secure login system to securely hold user data, allowing people to create an account, log in, and get started within a matter of seconds. A range of complexity on QR codes was manually tested using multiple devices in a wide range of lighting conditions – allowing us to select the optimal security level of the QR code which still allowed for a rapid and seamless user experience. 

Building Ticket Systems

Support and Frameworks

Once in Beta, we put all our software through stringent acceptance testing, and for ‘Organise by Inabox’ we also launched a custom and public-facing ticket system for customers to get technical support and guidance should they need it. 

Built in Xamarin, designed in Adobe XD, the UI is highly customised for this individual app and the Inabox brand. Supported by a range of frameworks, we used ZXing for scanning the QR codes – a framework which utilises native camera, providing extremely rapid QR code recognition. 

Product Success and ROI

 The app’s success in Australia has solidified the roadmap for phase two, which includes expanding to overseas markets and introducing multi-language support and integration with home assistant platforms such as Alexa and Google Home.

The ROI for our client was immediate – box sales since app launch are up by 7% since last financial year in Australia alone, with the analytics of the app usage versus box sales showing an 26% engagement rate. They’ve expanded into 3 additional global markets since app launch, made possible by positioning themselves as an industry leader with high value add to their existing portfolio. They’re also lining up for awards around the globe for their adaption of disruptive technology.

All made possible by Viewport XR. 

Stickers can be purchased from any Bunnings store,
or ordered online via links on the Inabox website.
Available now on Apple and Android.