Virtual Reality for Architecture
This interactive architectural virtual reality experience immerses users in three highly realistic environments, with the ability to freely explore the floorplans in realtime. Users can also change materials on the fly, such as paint colours, flooring and cabinetry finishes - allowing up to 17,492 different design combinations. 
The first plan to explore is the 'Bungalow', a four bedroom, two storey home designed for the mid-west. 
The second is the 'Abod's' - lightweight, low cost structures that are quick to construct, designed for use in in disaster relief and developing countries. The environment is extremely immersive, with the ability to choose your time of day, including night, where you can relax in front of a roaring firepit and looking up at the beautiful night sky. 
The third environment is the 'San Fancisco', a massive 3 storey home with a dedicated gym, a cinema room, an entertianment room, dining room, cafe area, dedicated office space and four bedrooms. 
This immersive virtual reality architecture experience is now available for free download for Oculus through and