Google Cardboard

We recently ordered a stack of Google Cardboards online for around $2.50 AUD each. For such a low price, we weren't expecting great things. However after realising we could author html tours for our clients that would run through their own servers, and that our clients could use their own phones to view these tours, we realised cardboard had great potential. 

Google Cardboard is ideal for our Perth based Real Estate clients - cardboard can be handed out as part of a take home package or even sent in the mail to potential buyers interstate or overseas.

Check out to view one of our HTML tours. If you're on a mobile device, our page will automaticlaly detect your device and give you the option of entering the Virtual Reality mode. Got cardboard? Slip your phone in the front and check out one of our photographic virtual reality tours. 

The HTML tours we build double as standard non-stereoscopic panoramic tours, so they can be accessed from any computer or device without google cardboard.

Cardboard is ideal for clients who need accessibility to virtual reality, without the overhead costs of more advanced hardware, like Oculus or Samsung Gear. Although google cardboard has its limitations, we see it being ideal for markets such as real estate, education and marketing. 

We'll be updating the google cardboard tour soon to include not only a photographic VR tour, but also a computer graphic VR tour. 

UPDATE: The HTML tour now includes both stereo photography for real estate and stereo CG architectural visualisation.

UPDATE: We are also building apps for Google Cardboard on iOS and Andoird - check out the blog posts below.

Want a Viewport Studios branded google cardboard headset? Contact us now with information on your project and we'll send one your way.