World first coming to Bunnings Innaloo: KABOODLE - The future of renovation is customisable
Kaboodle is a DIY kitchen company that can turn your dream kitchen into a reality with their affordable, modular products.
Product visualisation is key to buyers, trouble visualising means trouble committing. To shorten the path to conversion, Viewport wanted to give the customer control of their vision. 
We created a world class interactive product visualiser for Kaboodle’s flat pack kitchens. The first of its kind globally. Enabling buyers to interact with a touch screen and envisage their ideal space, with minute detail - in real time. 
Users can also don VR headsets and be fully immersed in their new kitchen, while they customise it in ultra-high res. Retaining the ability to view it from any angle. 
Our intuitive User Interface (UI), and seamless User Experience (UX) have led to the kiosk being rolled out in Bunnings stores Australia wide. Platform specific builds such as the AR app  are available universally


Certainty throughout the customer journey

Product visualisation is key to buyer confidence, trouble visualising means trouble committing. To shorten the path to purchase, we gave the customer control of their vision. 
Our team of software developers and digital artists have developed a platform which enables buyers to interact with a touch screen to select their desired fittings (benchtops, cabinet colours, door handles and flooring) seeing their edits in real time. 

Feel your new home, a multisensory experience. 

A world first visualisation engine doesn’t appear out of thin air, nor does the back end tech to drive it. We streamline our process by collaborating with clients. 
Ensuring their objectives are prioritised, we aim to arrive at a feeling to give the end user the same excitement we have.
Through research, contextualisation and ideation, we make vision boards and storyboards to deliver the fundamental elements of the design concept. 
[We use cutting edge techniques to translate your materials into the digital world, replicating them with extreme accuracy]

Intuitive, personalised renovation concepts, simple as sending an email. 

 An engaging user interface alone is a considered process. 
The optional VR headset means users can enter VR mode for a fully immersed perspective of their new kitchen and see real time changes.
This extremely important and detailed process involves ultra-high resolution capture of an item and its measurements. Creating a realistic digital twin, identical to the physical item, ensures a realistic appearance when viewed in the software platform. 
Any item can be created, and we have developed a process where large items such as benchtops, flooring have a continuous visual flow eliminating any obvious repetitive pattern.
We take these components and begin the software creation process. Using game engines in conjunction with 3D software, enables the modelling, colouring, and lighting enhancements for a seamless digital twin.
The uses span property sales, renovation / construction, luxury vehicles, heavy duty machinery. All serve to replicate the real thing, at a fraction of the cost. 

Right before your eyes, seamless visualisation.

Our digital artists and software developers collaborate seamlessly throughout the whole process. In this stage the software developers take all the digital assets and build the platform required for our client. 
The base architecture, platform foundations, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) are key components for any build. In addition to these important aspects are the platform applications the software will be deployed. This involves our software developers designing each platform specific to our clients such as for a mobile device, touch screen, AR app, VR or in the case of this Kaboodle Kitchen Platform, a hybrid touch screen kiosk with VR.

Step into your vision. 

Viewport is hugely proud to install the groundbreaking interactive visualiser at Bunnings Innaloo.
The touch screen kiosk we created for Kaboodle’s flat pack kitchens is a global first. Enabling buyers to envisage their ideal kitchen, down to minute detail; all in real time. 
Coming soon to a Bunnings near you.