VR – Perth and Fremantle Suburbs


Another Virtual Reality sales tool has been completed by Viewport for Pindan capital, this time a stereoscopic photographic tour of suburbs around Perth and Fremantle. It will be used by Pindan in the sales office at The Heights Kardinya, and by their sales agents with overseas investors looking to invest in property in Australia.

Custom built for the Samsung Gear VR, the tour takes you on an immersive experience using stereoscopic photography – a technique developed in house that delivers outstanding 360 panoramic photographs that can be seen in 3D stereo vision when using a VR headset. The result is extremely immersive, a fantastic way to transport yourself to beautiful locations.

For this project we shot locations around Fremantle, including South Beach and the Cappucino Strip. We also shot some locations closer to Kardinya, showing off the amenities. It’s all accessible from a custom built menu system that shows all the points layed out on a map, so you can see where everything sits in relation to the Swan River. Perth and Fremantle. There is also some stereoscopic 3D rendering of the development itself.

This is an amazing way to show off the lifestyle around Perth. With our custom virtual reality software builds and sterescopic photography, you can transport potential investors right into the heart of real world locations. It’s the next best thing to actually being there.

This app will launch on the Gear VR store within two months. In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in trying  it out, pop past The Heights Kardinya sales office or come and see us at our office in Fremantle.