Viewport’s Virtual App takes Perth Families to the Mines


The 2020 condition was prevalent for all of us, and workers at Rio Tinto’s Tom Price mining operation were no exemption.

Rural WA was relatively safe. However, the reality of coronavirus permeated employees’ residential homes. So we set out to lift spirits even higher than WA’s’ highest town, Tom Price.

The Viewport team hit the drawing board and created a VR app to provide miners and their families with some much-needed connection. We created an uplifting experience that kept everybody safe in an exploratory mixed reality VR app that took mining families onsite using the power of a VR based app.

Hold Rio Tinto’s Tom Price Mine in your hand.

Any item can be created in a virtual world, size is no barrier. Our process creates a visual flow that avoids repetitive patterns, making user experience (UX) more realistic.

We made a digital twin of the mine site and rendered it in cardboard. Then we put this cardboard copy (see what we did there?) into a VR app.

We seasoned our high end tech with some lo-fi touches. The user interface (UI) was simple and intuitive – always a top priority at Viewport. In this instance it served to create a personable feel to engage people of all ages

As part of their meticulous effort to uphold safety standards, Rio Tinto’s annual Family Day was another luxury that had to be foregone last year.

Instead of bringing families to the mine, we put the mine into family pockets. Now they can take their loved ones everywhere.