Stereo VR Twin Lens Rig


Our new twin lens rig was designed to capture real world locations as full 360 panoramas in 3D. The results are outstanding, and we’re very excited to use it further on projects that Viewport has coming up.

We author tours for any of the VR headsets available, such as the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the Oculus DK2.

Capturing real world locations in 3D is an ideal way to explore areas for a wide variety of industries. Around Perth and Australia, we have been working with Real Estate companies, Builders, Architects and Land Development companies to capture areas in amazing stereoscopic vision. We also have some amazing projects in the pipeline for the Tourism, Education and Mining industries.

Combine VR photography with our high quality 3D imagery and our coding expertise, and you are left a jaw dropping experience. It’s always amazing to be there when someone tries true VR for the first time.