Google Cardboard


Viewport now offers custom branded Google Cardboard 2.0 as part of our service for clients ordering Cardboard VR apps or Web experiences. As well as design of the cardboards themselves, Viewport takes care of all liaison with our manufacturer, and shipping and import taxes.

Google Cardboard is ideal for our Perth based Real Estate clients – cardboard can be handed out as part of a take home package or even sent in the mail to potential buyers interstate or overseas. Although the visual quality in Google Cardboard pales in comparison to something built for Gear VR, HTC Vive and particularly the newly released Oculus Go, Cardbaord does win out in accesibility. Cheap to produce, and easy to hand out, a custom branded Google Cardboard is one of those items that potential clients will keep around on their desk or kitchen table at home for weeks to come.

Check out cardboard.html to view one of our HTML tours, or visit our Apple iOS App Store page or Google Play App Store page for actual VR App downloads.

Want a Viewport Studios branded google cardboard headset? Contact us now with information on your project and we’ll send one your way.