How Retail has changed: Interactive Touch Screens and Immersive Technology in Australia.

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How Retail has changed: Interactive Touch Screens and Immersive Technology in Australia.

As Australia’s customer journey experts in immersive technologies, we solve long standing customer engagement problems with the latest in disruptive technology. From digital twins of real world products, to augmented reality product visualisation, and eye catching interactive touch screens. Our cross disciplinary team of multimedia artists and software engineers is the perfect mix of art versus science. Let’s propel your brand into the future.

Viewport works with some of Australia’s largest retailers, including Target, Bunnings and Coles, offering a wide range of immersive and interactive solutions. We capture your product down to minute detail, creating a digital twin. We design and develop immersive customer journeys. We then deploy the solution nationally or globally. From in store interactive Touch Screens to globally deployed AR apps (with shopping cart capability).

The key to success is in making the right choice for your digital agency.

Our immersive retail solutions can also tie directly into your brand’s existing backend systems – CRM, CMS, E-Commerce, Ordering and Social. This provides a holistic interface for your brands sales and marketing team. A seamless universe of high fidelity interactive product experiences right at your customers fingertips. Whether Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Touch Screens or Product Visualisation – the future of retail is not tomorrow, it’s already here.

With our headquarters based in Perth, Australia, and servicing retail clients all over the globe, Viewport is a global leader in immersive and interactive technologies. Contact one of our sales team to find out how Viewport can help guide your brand’s journey to success.

Consumer’s minds have changed; immersive technologies are no longer niche and unattainable. They’re for all of us.

Jill Cambell, Facebook

Want to improve your customer journey? The obvious answers look like this:
Empower customers to envision their ideas,

Bring customers dreams to life,
Shorten the path to purchase,
Increase buyer confidence.

It is common to be confused by lists like these. They are often unhelpful. Many say nothing of substance.
Thankfully, the answer is simple; and it lies in immersive and interactive technology. Virtual, interactive and augmented experiences provide innovative customer journeys that are unparalleled in today’s ever advancing world of consumer options.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

You amplify customer experience by keeping your brand dynamic and creating meaningful engagement. Amplifying the brand experience leads to higher conversion rates and long standing customer retention. All of this can be attained through immersive technology – in store interactive kiosks, augmented reality shopping experiences, virtual reality showrooms, product visualisation videos and images,

Captivate your customers by empowering them to generate their own visions.

Unity (a leading 3D technologies developer) reported that 63% of surveyed companies used immersive technologies such as real-time 3D, AR and VR to navigate the challenges of 2020. 71% of companies plan to increase their use of immersive technologies in 2021.

Kaboodle Prouduct Visualiser
Viewport is Australia’s leading voice in home and kitchen renovation software. Our 3D interior visualisations and creative visualisation kiosks have been rolled out nationally and internationally, creating seamless retail experiences.
We know how to engage buyers with extended reality and interactive product visualisation touch screens. We can help customers envisage their ideas, increasing buyer confidence.

Virtual reality headsets add innovative and memorable experiences to a customer journey. This is not science fiction, it’s real.
The revolution has already happened. Immersive and interactive technologies are industry standard within the retail market. With faster, more powerful graphics that enable total market coverage

Product Customisation in Retail

The Hololens 2 allows for rapid deployment of remote training, working and monitoring solutions that utilise the latest in Extended Reality (XR) technology.

The HoloLens 2 allows maintenance personnel to consult with other experts around the world on what the correct course of action should be, or pull up holographic step by step worksheets that allow even junior personnel to complete complex tasks with ease.

Using an off the shelf solution like Remote Assist 365, combined with our services of hardware procurement, enterprise account management, team onboarding and ongoing support the Hololens 2 allows for teams to stay interconnected in ways never before thought possible – allowing you to adapt now and remain one step ahead – no matter what the future holds.

Hololens 2 and Remote Assist 365 can allow reduced personnel numbers on site, as the skills and knowledge of a single senior engineer based in an operations centre in Perth can be available virtually at multiple locations globally in a single day. Assist a junior engineer on a coal operation on the East Coast of Australia, then within minutes jump into solving your teams problems in West Africa.

This not only reduces costs in payroll and training, but also reduces company travel and accommodation costs. Furthermore we are mitigating risk of human factors by reducing the amount of personnel placed in high risk scenarios. And finally, we are reducing downtime by having senior technicians immediately available at any time, and at any location.

Clients love Interactive Touch Screens

Customer experience is vital to a loyal clientbase. Interactive Touch Screens improve customer experience and the customer journey, by giving customers what they want.
Harness the engaging nature of interactive Touch Screens. They connect shoppers or customers with brands in a more meaningful way; exciting and captivating users.
Guiding customers through their purchase process, and creating memorable touchpoints on your customer journey map.
It is easy to see why the interactive digital display industry is expected to grow to almost AUD$18 billion by 2021.

How do Interactive Displays Engage Customers

More than simply informing customers, interactive touch screens engage customers with your store and brand. Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Who doesn’t love new experiences? We all want to feel surfaces and touch shiny buttons. Inject some fun and surprise to the norm. Interactive touch screens are a fun experience, enabling deep engagement with your brand.
Turn your store into more than a sales point, create an experience that enriches the customer journey, lifting brand equity and awareness.

What Type of Interactive Touch Screen Solution is for you?

There are several types of interactive touch screen displays, one to suit every need. Your ideal solution will depend on the context it will appear in, and how you want customers to interact with the display.

Interactive Merchandise Electronics
Interactive merchandising electronics are customisable and bring a concrete touchpoint to your customer experience.
Let Customers Visualise a Product
An interactive merchandising display allows customers to play with the product, and create a sense of belonging. Let the buyer scroll through customisations, variations, or additional features. Help buyers envisage what different one product might look like in the context they intend.
Help your customer focus their attention, by interacting with a Touch Screen the user can give proper thought to their intention. Resulting in a happier end product.

Fixtures, Touch Screens, And Kiosks
Save your customers time and give them more freedom with fixtures, Touch Screens, and kiosks, strategically located throughout your retail space.
Make Customers Comfortable
Self-serve kiosks means that customers don’t have to feel embarrassed if they are unsure how to pronounce a product. They just scan the product, pay, and voila! They’re done, too easy.
Simplify the consumer journey making direct methods to purchase. Fixtures, Touch Screens, and kiosks are efficient at time-saving customers flow.

Customer Experience
Before we continue too long, it is always important to consider what the customer is getting from your brand. How can AR amplify that?
The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience has some great thoughts about how to optimise the customer experience with AR.
Portray large products with context.
Integrate AR games to increase an item’s value.
Provide post-sale support for customers.
Use as a guide for physical stores.
We took a little of all these in our Austin XR app. Check it out here.

Small Form Factor Screens
Small form factor screens can be placed anywhere in a retail environment, and ensure unique interactive experiences in each different department.
Whether you want to display seasonal products on endcaps (end caps) or on main display points for permanent viewing.
These immersive and space efficient displays can educate and engage your customers, small form factor screens offer a set of solutions to improve customer experience.

Here are a handful of ideas:

Make Dining Experiences Easier
Also known as SFF PCs, small form factor screens are well established in restaurants, where they create efficient dining experiences. When placed on restaurant tables, they enable customers to order with ease, or communicate with waitstaff.

They are great for customer retention as diners can even sign up to mailing lists or for rewards programs. Finally, customers can pay when they want using a POS (point of sale) system, no more waiting for the cheque.

Endless Aisles
Allow customers to explore your product line. Incorporate demonstration videos to show customers how to use a product and how multiple products can work together.

Drive Sales
Interactive touch screen displays throughout your store can increase sales. Position them at strategic points in your customer flow. Discover the ideal CTA to display at different points throughout the day by optimising sales data.