Remodel your kitchen - in real time.

Turn your kitchen dreams into reality with Kaboodle kiosk & VR.

Kaboodle is a DIY kitchen company that can brings your kitchen dreams to life with their affordable, modular products.

Product visualisation is key to buyers, trouble visualising means trouble committing. To shorten the path to conversion, we wanted to give the customer control of their vision.

The first of its kind globally, we created a world class interactive product visualiser for Kaboodle’s flat pack kitchens. Enabling buyers to interact with a touch screen and envisage their ideal space, with minute detail – in real time.

“Give the customer control of their vision.”

Users can also don VR headsets and be fully immersed in their new kitchen, while they customise it in ultra-high res. Retaining the ability to view it from any angle.

Our intuitive User Interface (UI), and seamless User Experience (UX) have led to the kiosk being rolled out in Bunnings stores Australia wide. Platform specific builds such as the AR app are available universally.