The learning experience that goes “through the looking glass”
into the harsh reality of living with dementia.

“A must for all Residential Aged Care Facility Staff.”

–  RACF Nurse Educator

Deepen empathy and build skills with VR Discover Dementia Training Australia’s Meaningful Spaces VR experience.

The virtual reality training platform exposing users to the actualities of living with dementia. With world-first features addressing the impact of environmental changes vs. prescribed medications.

We all know someone with dementia, so this one hits close to home. The Virtual Reality training experience Viewport created took staff members “through the looking glass” into the harsh reality of living with dementia.

Our first-person, real-time simulation puts you in the eyes of ‘Georgina’ – an 87-year-old woman who grew up in Fremantle, loves Corgis, and suffers from Dementia.

In addition to teaching important spatial methodologies, it raised awareness of the condition and resulted in an increase in empathy among users.

Teaching Critical Spatial Methodologies

“Change starts from within and this resource provides participants with the opportunity to experience, first hand, the interaction of medications and the environment for someone living with dementia.”

E. Newman – UWA Director of Dementia Training Australia

No longer do you “Walk a mile in one’s shoes,” now you “Step into their head,” to get a deeper insight. The custom built VR training platform explores recent research into the efficacy of environmental design changes and dementia.

Switching between standard and affected vision in VR showcases the disconcerting contrast that interior design choices inflict on people with dementia.

Understanding the feelings that surround disorientation and disconnection equip carers with heightened skills to deal with their patients.

“I’ve actually seen the full development from the first alpha version, to where we’re currently at with it.
And even with that first alpha it was amazing to see how these pictures of these nursing homes the guys had visited through the development process, the outlines of what a nursing home looks like,
came to life in this amazingly immersive virtual reality environment.
I thought the first version was good, and then it just got so good by the end of it, it was like
“Wow! This is amazing. This is exactly what we wanted.”
We were so pleased with what we ended up with in this project.”

–  Director, Dementia Training Australia